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2011-11-10 22:33:24 by Munchies96

So I'm new to newgrounds so go ahead call me a noob but I'm not going to be posting any thing but maybe a little bit of my mixes, because I'm a DJ and that's just what I do! Let me know if my posts help or if you like my music. I like Mario and Family guy stuff too. P.S. My DJ name when I get to be famous is gonna be -ZXY- Just thought I'd throw that out there.


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2011-11-10 23:20:06

Well welcome! Gotta check out the audio forums for useful info - it can take a week or better to have your stuff posted. The mods gotta check for unoriginal stuff to keep the big bad corporations from setting the gov't against us.

Munchies96 responds:

Thanks, I will check out the forums and I already set something out yesterday I'm still waiting for approval, I hope you'll like it.